Mackall, Crounse & Moore, PLC has joined Dewitt Ross & Stevens S.C.

The newly formed DeWitt Mackall Crounse & Moore S.C. will provide clients with enhanced legal services
and efficiencies as well as access to more than 100 attorneys practicing in nearly 30 areas of
law in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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Recent U.S. Patents

  • 11,089,810      Vibratory Batter Application
  • 11,030,925      Kinetic Display For Depicting Changes In Economic Or Other Data
  • 11,020,791      Ceramic Pour Cup Assembly And Method Of Forming Such An Assembly
  • 11,019,863      Conductive Textile Assembly With Electrical Shielding Structure
  • 10,981,079      Fog Machine
  • 10,918,589      Personal Lubricating Material And Method For Lubricant Manufacture
  • 10,918,002      Defoliator
  • D907,443        Bowl
  • 10,856,702      Systems And Methods For A Shower Base Assembly Compatible With Residential And Commercial Construction
  • 10,794,340      Engines Using Supercritical Syngas
  • 10,781,782      Engine Pre-Overheat Sensors And Warning System
  • D895,373        Bowl
  • 10,659,600      Call Traffic Diagnostics In Telecommunications Networks
  • 10,619,796      Protective Cover For Medical Gas Cylinders And Canisters
  • 10,617,859      Valve For Medical Implant Delivery System
  • 10,615,001      Wide Field-Of-View Atom Probe
  • 10,614,995      Atom Probe With Vacuum Differential
  • 10,598,404      Damper With Adjustable Resistance To Blade Motion
  • 10,588,817      Vacuum-Driven Personal Device
  • 10,588,606      Ultrasound Coupling Medium Detection
  • 10,583,296      Implantable Pulse Generator System And Method For Vagal Nerve Stimulation
  • 10,535,933      Connection Element For An Electronic Component Arrangement And Process To Produce The Same
  • 10,524,673      Implantable Pressure Sensor
  • 10,519,575      Conductive Fabric, Method Of Manufacturing A Conductive Fabric And Apparatus Therefor
  • 10,512,835      Capture And Utilization Of Real-World Data For Use In Gaming Systems Such As Video Games
  • 10,353,450      Power Monitoring And Control System
  • 10,349,839      Implantable Pressure Sensor Device
  • 10,349,149      Communications Apparatus And Method For Standby Power Controller Which Interrupts Power To An Appliance In A Standby State
  • 10,293,154      Device Having A Surface Structure For Insertion Into The Human Or Animal Body
  • 10,285,833      Stent Delivery Systems And Associated Methods
  • 10,243,369      Power Allocation System
  • 10,227,188      Bin Sweep Pivots
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  • 10,199,807      Conveyance Member Removal Method And Device
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  • 10,154,865      Orthopedic Implants, Particularly Bone Screws, And Methods For Producing Same
  • 10,154,743      Split Blanket
  • 10,143,844      Nerve Stimulation Systems Via Endovascular Leads
  • 10,119,511      Engine Pre-Overheat Sensor And Warning System
  • 10,102,595      Power System
  • 10,081,406      Quick-Assembly Bicycle Components
  • 10,055,946      Energy Informatics Display Device And Method
  • 10,053,866      Roofing Batten
  • 10,027,167      Load Control System
  • 10,011,426      Conveyor Systems With Alignment Of Conveyed Products
  • 9,993,173        Analysis Of ECG Data For Arrhythmia
  • D818,776        Condiment Basket
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  • 9,841,454        Electrical Device Installation Improvement
  • 9,841,322        Spectral Imaging With Multiple Illumination Sources
  • 9,828,734        Pet Waste Collection And Disposal Device
  • 9,814,521        Ablation Catheter Arrangement And Method For Treatment Of A Cardiac Arrhythmia
  • 9,737,426        Endograft Device Delivery Systems And Associated Methods
  • D794,854        Electric Lamp
  • 9,726,133        Engine Pre-Overheat Sensors And Warning System
  • 9,703,349        Pc Power Monitoring
  • 9,687,182        Medical Sensor System For Detecting A Feature In A Body
  • 9,653,970        Rotary Capacitor For Shunting High Frequency Bearing Currents And Reducing Emi In Electric Machinery
  • 9,643,786        Food-Grade Telescoping Belt Tightener
  • 9,643,081        Capture And Utilization And Real-World Data For Use In Gaming Systems Such As Video Games
  • 9,635,880        Reduced-Size Apparatus For Applying Food Coating And Methods Of Use Thereof
  • D780,487        Desk
  • 9,586,707        Sealing Packages Using Tape And Pull Cord
  • 9,572,652        Modular Endograft Devices And Associated Systems And Methods
  • D776,831        Slab For Building
  • D776,830        Slab For Building
  • D776,829        Slab For Building
  • D776,828        Slab For Building
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  • D776,300        Slab For Building
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  • D774,661        Slab For Building
  • D774,212        Slab For Building
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  • 9,492,109        Medical Sensor System
  • 9,479,085        Self-Conforming Plates For Capacitive Machines Such As Electrostatic Motors And Generators
  • 9,463,935        Vibratory Product Conveyor System
  • 9,446,366        Modular Flow Reactor
  • 9,427,176        Implantable Medical Device
  • 9,399,537        Container For Semi-Solid Foods
  • 9,399,201        Homogenizer For Reducing The Size Of Particles In Fluids
  • 9,376,955        Engine Combustion Control Via Fuel Reactivity Stratification
  • 9,371,189        Telescoping Belt Tightener With Integrated Bearing Housing
  • 9,370,197        Conical Drum Breader And Methods Of Use Thereof
  • 9,364,676        Biventricular Cardiac Stimulator
  • 9,364,196        Method And Apparatus For Ultrasonic Measurement Of Volume Of Bodily Structures
  • D753,063        Current Tap
  • 9,277,754        Apparatus For Applying Coating To Products And Methods Of Use Thereof
  • D750,864        Conveyor Belt Tightener
  • 9,265,505        Endoluminal Surgical Delivery System
  • 9,247,885        Heart Monitor
  • 9,238,147        Cardiac Stimulator
  • 9,238,143        Implantable Medical Device With Electrode Fault Detection
  • 9,233,252        Handheld Device For A Patient

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We are an active and proud member of Lexwork International, an association of mid-sized independent law firms in major cities located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia and an active member of SCG Legal, an association of more than 140 independent law firms serving businesses in all 50 state capitals and major commercial centers around the world.


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