Mackall, Crounse & Moore, PLC has joined Dewitt Ross & Stevens S.C.

The newly formed DeWitt Mackall Crounse & Moore S.C. will provide clients with enhanced legal services
and efficiencies as well as access to more than 100 attorneys practicing in nearly 30 areas of
law in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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Patent Litigation

  • Sioux Steel Company v. Prairie Land Millwright Services, Inc. (N.D. Illinois, 1:16-cv-02212, 02/12/2016)
  • Foundton, Co., Ltd. v. Naschem Co., Ltd. et al. (C.D. California, 2:14-cv-09829, 12/24/2014)
  • ABT Systems, LLC v. Research Products Corporation (M.D. Pennsylvania, 1:14-cv-02007, 10/16/2014)
  • Terry et al. v. Hinds et al. (D. Utah, 2:12-cv-00166-DN, 02/10/2012)
  • Agricultural Instruments Corp. v. Bou-Matic LLC (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:2011cv00192, 03/16/2011)
  • Fitness Anywhere, Inc. v. Lifeline International, Inc. (E.D. Virginia, 2:2011cv00156, 03/11/2011)
  • Leutenegger v. Foiles Migrators, Inc. (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:2010cv00234, 05/03/2010)
  • Simonian v. Tru Fire Corporation (N.D. Illinois, 1:2010cv01295, 02/25/2010)
  • RGB Systems, Inc. v. Valcom, Inc. (C.D. California, 8:2009cv01044, 09/10/2009)
  • Naschem Co. Ltd. v. Sports Line Distributors, Inc. (N.D. Illinois, 1:2009cv02853, 05/08/2009)
  • Naschem Co. Ltd. v. Blackswamp Trading Co. (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:2008cv00730, 12/16/2008)
  • Tru-Fire Corporation v. Cobra Manufacturing Company, Inc. (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:2008cv00521, 09/03/2008)
  • WNS Holdings, LLC v. Northwest Airlines, Inc. (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:2008cv00305, 05/27/2008)
  • WNS Holdings, LLC v. United Parcel Service, Inc. (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:2008cv00275, 05/09/2008)
  • Retail Acquisition and Development, Inc. v. Naschem Co. Ltd. (E.D. Texas, 2:2007cv00228, 06/05/2007)
  • Naschem Co. Ltd. v. Cap-Light Distributing (W.D. Wisconsin, 07-cv-0289, 05/23/2007)
  • Universal Merchandisers Inc v. Naschem Co. Ltd. (E.D. Arkansas, 4:2006cv01462, 10/10/2006)
  • Ideal Mfg. & Sales Corp. v. PASE Group, Inc. (E.D. Wisconsin, 2:2006cv00590, 05/16/2006)
  • Funeral Management Solutions LLC v. CK Memories (W.D. Wisconsin, 04-C-0821-C, 11/20/2004)
  • Neupak, Inc. v. Ideal Mfg. & Sales Corp. (D. Minnesota, 96-C-713, 07/21/1996)
  • John Donovan Enterprises-FL, Inc. v. Allied Plastics, Inc. (W.D. Wisconsin, 00-C-0272 S, 05/05/2000)
  • Orascoptic Research v. General Scientific Corporation (W.D. Wisconsin, 93-CV-615, 09/14/2003)

Trademark Litigation

  • Essentia Health v. Gundersen Lutheran Health System, Inc. (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:17-cv-00100-wmc, 02/08/2017) 
  • Sriram Retails LLC v. Om Indian Fusion Cuisine, LLC (Dane Co., Wisconsin, 2016CV1120, 04/26/2016)
  • Bernatello's Pizza, Inc. v. Hansen Foods, LLC (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:16-cv-00065, 01/27/2016)
  • Steyer Seeds LLC v. Partners in Productions, LLC (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:15-cv-00267, 05/08/2015)
  • Marten Transport LTD v. Plattform Advertising, Inc. (D. Kansas, 2:14-cv-02464, 09/15/2014)
  • BBK Tobacco & Foods LLP v. Rocky Patel Premium Cigars Incorporated (D. Arizona, 2:11-cv-01517-FJ, 08/03/2011)
  • Fitness Anywhere, Inc. v. Lifeline International, Inc. (E.D. Virginia, 2:2011cv00156, 03/11/2011)
  • H.H. Brown Shoe Co., Inc. v. Pearl Accessories Ltd. (S.D. New York, 7:2010cv05876, 08/04/2010)
  • Noasha LLC v. Nordic Group, Ltd. (E.D. Pennsylvania, 2:2008cv05635, 12/04/2008)
  • Wisconsin Cheese Group, Inc. v. V&V Supremo Foods, Inc. (W.D. Wisconsin, 2007cv0219, 04/13/2007)
  • Alpharma, Inc. v. Tri-State Breeders Cooperative (S.D. New York, 1:2007cv01854, 03/02/2007)
  • State of Wisconsin v. Lester and Lilac Sundsmo (Columbia Co., Wisconsin, 2007CF0079 / 2007CF0080, 03/15/2007)
  • Camp Bow Wow Distribution LLC v. Club Bow-Wow, LLC (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:2006cv00618, 10/25/2006)
  • Environmental Modeling Systems Incorporated v. Boss International, Inc. (D. Utah, 2:2006cv00198, 03/08/2006)
  • Cyclops Solutions LLC v. Import Merchandisers Inc. (N.D. Texas, 3:2005cv00551, 03/18/2005)
  • Dicom Corp. v. Omni Press Inc. (D. New Hampshire, C-02-63-JD, 06/03/2003)

Copyright Litigation

  • Sullivan, Amy v. Flora, Inc. et al. (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:15-cv-00298, 05/20/2015)
  • Modular Arts, Inc. v. Interlam Corp. (W.D. Washington, 2:2007cv00382, 03/13/2007)
  • Pertzsch Design, Inc. v. Gundersen Lutheran Health System, Inc. (W.D. Wisconsin, 3:2008cv00538, 09/15/2008)
  • Environmental Modeling Systems Incorporated v. Boss International, Inc. (D. Utah, 2:2006cv00198, 03/08/2006)

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DeWitt LLP is one of the ten largest law firms based in Wisconsin, with an additional presence in Minnesota. It has more than 130 attorneys practicing in Madison, Greater Milwaukee, Green Bay and Minneapolis in over 30 legal practice areas, and has the experience to service clients of all scopes and sizes.


We are an active and proud member of Lexwork International, an association of mid-sized independent law firms in major cities located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia and an active member of SCG Legal, an association of more than 140 independent law firms serving businesses in all 50 state capitals and major commercial centers around the world.


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Top 100 Lawyers: National Trial Lawyers Association


While we would like to hear from you, we cannot represent you until we know that doing so will not create a conflict of interest. Accordingly, please do not send us any information about any matter that may involve you until you receive a written statement from us that we represent you (an “engagement letter”). You will not be a client of the firm until you receive such an engagement letter.

The best way for you to initiate a possible representation is to call DeWitt LLP at 608-255-8891. We will make every effort to put you in touch with a lawyer suited to handle your matter. When you receive an engagement letter from one of our lawyers, you will be our client and we may exchange information freely.

Please click the “OK” button if you understand and accept the foregoing statement and wish to proceed.