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Kathleen M. Newman

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Service Areas:


  • J.D., William Mitchell College of Law
  • B.A., Hamline University


  • Minnesota
  • U.S. Federal Court

With extensive experience in all aspects of marital dissolutions, Kathleen has handled many complex divorces, including cases with closely held business interests, professional practices and high net worth cases. Her clients appreciate her listening skills and quick assessment of complex issues. She helps her clients organize a strategy to accomplish their goals in resolving the issues in their divorces.  

Focusing her practice on clients whose business and financial interests require sophisticated counsel for discovery, negotiation and court representation, Kathleen is adept at legal strategies which keep her cases moving forward toward an appropriate conclusion. Throughout her representation, she assertively pursues her clients’ interests even for issues that evolve after the divorce. Kathleen’s experience includes complex cases, including divorces that involve closely held corporations, professional practices and complex custody matters including parental alienation.  

When children are involved, Kathleen sets herself apart through her strong advocacy of custody and parenting agreements that focus on the best interests of the child. Kathleen has a particular emphasis on cases where parental alienation is an issue.

She has authored an extensive Frequently Asked Questions overview which answers many questions regarding the Divorce Process, Child Custody and High-Asset divorces.  View Kathleen's FAQ's overview here.

Kathleen is Board-Certified as a Family Law Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. She is also a skilled mediator, approved for inclusion in the Minnesota ADR Statewide Neutrals Roster in all categories of Family Neutrals and is on the Minnesota Supreme Courts list of Appellate mediators.

Minnesota Law & Politics has consistently listed Kathleen as a Super Lawyer and named her among the Top 40 Super Lawyers for Family Law. She was also named among the Top 100 Women Super Lawyers by Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine. Since 1993, Kathleen has been named every year to the Best Lawyers in America (Family Law). She is also a Fellow in the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

As part of her development of a successful legal practice, Kathleen was trained at the internationally renowned Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara as a certified Life Coach. This training allows her to support her clients through the divorce process.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Kathleen is expanding her practice to include the following services:

  • Divorce Coaching
  • Parent Coaching
  • Parenting Consulting
  • Representing clients in Mediation
  • Acting as a mediator or arbitrator in divorce, custody and parenting matters

Kathleen trained as a life coach with the prestigious Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, California.  She is a certified life coach.

Divorce Coaching

Many people want guidance about whether or not a divorce is appropriate for their circumstances, or need guidance and emotional support during a divorce, even when they are represented by an attorney.  Kathleen can provide that guidance as your divorce coach.

Parenting Coach

When custody or parenting time is an issue during a divorce or after your divorce decree has been entered, attorney’s or custody evaluators often ask parents to engage a parenting coach, either individually or as co-parents.  Kathleen has substantial experience in providing guidance on custody and parenting time issues.

Parenting Consultant

A parenting Consultant (PC) is a person, usually an attorney or a mental health professional, who is agreed upon by the parties and then appointed by the court.  A PC can be designated to make decisions when the parties cannot agree on joint legal custody decisions relating to health, education or religious training, r parenting time decisions.  The decision of a PC is usually final, although a parent has the right to ask the court to review the PC’s decisions within 14 days of the PC making the decision.  Courts usually follow the PC’s decisions if they are well reasoned and follow the law.  Parents can access their PC for help and decision making much more quickly and they are trained to assess and act in children’s best interests.  Usually, parents work with the OC without involving their attorneys, saving them significant attorney fee costs.  A PC is usually appointed for terms of 2 years, with the option to renew the PC contact thereafter. 


Kathleen has represented people in mediation for over 20 years.  She also acts as a mediator in divorce, custody and parenting time matters, and is on the Appellate Mediation panel for the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

 Certified Legal Specialties


  • American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Fellow
  • National Board of Trial Advocacy, Member
  • Hennepin County Bar Association, Family Law Section, Member, 1980 – Present
  • Minnesota State Bar Association, Family Law Section, Member, 1981 – Present
  • American Bar Association (ABA), Member, 1981 – Present

Articles & Presentations

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Awards & Recognitions

  • North Star Lawyer Pro Bono All Star, 2023
  • Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, Top Women Attorneys In Minnesota, 2022 
  • U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms”, (2020,'19,'18,'17,'16,'14  as Newman & Associates P.A.)
  • The Best Lawyers in America® – Family Law - 1993- Present
  • Consumers Guide to Law & Leading Attorneys, 1993 – Present
  • Super Lawyer® , and Top 40 Super Lawyers for Family Law, Consumers Guide to Law & Leading Attorneys, Minnesota Journal of Law & Politics, FindLaw Super Lawyers publication, 1996 – Present
  • Super Lawyer , Minnesota Law & Politics Magazine, 2003 – Present
  • Certified Family Law Trial Advocacy Board, 2010 – Present
  • Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers Strathmore’s Who’s Who, 2011- Present
  • American Institute of Family Law Attorneys – 10 Best Attorneys for Client Satisfaction, 2015 – Present
  • National Academy of Family Law Attorneys, Top 10 Attorney Award, 2019 and 2017
  • Named one of Minnesota Monthly’s Best Lawyers for 2017

Blogs & Videos

Video Consultation Area

Do you have a question about the divorce process? Kathleen produced a series of short, informative videos to discuss a variety of topics ranging from pre-marriage considerations and high-asset divorces to finances during a divorce, child custody and more.  To view her full video library by topic visit here.

Client Recommendations

“Kathleen M. Newman … gave me great hope when I had little during an extremely difficult time. Kathy is a true professional and always thorough. Those who work with Kathy are kind, thoughtful and intelligent. I never felt alone or ill …” – Andrea S.

“Kathy is always there when you need her and her team epitomizes professional excellence.” – B.K., MD MPH Occupational Medicine

“I was represented by Kathy Newman and Barb Seibel for approximately 1 yr. They were always compassionate yet straight forward and very realistic in setting expectations due to their combined years of experience. They were conscientious …” – Camille

“Kathleen is direct, but I know I can trust her. From the beginning, we could communicate about any issue and it wasn't uncomfortable. She is very good at interpersonal skills that I found lacking in many other attorneys.” – Charlene J.

“Kathleen does not always tell you what you want to hear, but she'll give you an honest opinion. She does not sugarcoat the process or the likelihood of success. She definitely knows divorce law and she proactively navigates it to avoid the pitfalls.”  – Keith K.

“Kathy and her team were awesome. Kathy was sharp and direct in getting the job done. At a time of high emotional turmoil, I felt a great sense of relief and comfort knowing I had such good, solid representation. She far exceeded my expectations...” – L.J., Dentist

“Thank you for all of your help! It's great to have it all done, and it really helps to receive your knowledge about my questions. Thank you for being such a supportive person”. – Lauren 

“I have been so impressed with Kathleen and her office. Not only is the legal representation at the highest level, it is also personal. She and her staff are personable and seem to really care what happens to me, not just my case. I recommend Kathy.” – Mike S. – Pediatrician

“When you have kids involved in a divorce, Kathleen is very warm and considerate and professional. She understands that it's an emotional subject and she approaches that very well. In the end, the kids were happy, and I was happy.  I was happy with the end result. She made the best decisions along the way. If she hadn't been involved in some of the negotiating, it would have been much more difficult.” – Reed L. 

“Kathleen and her team have helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. My divorce was extremely painful, and they were professional and could see the big picture when I could not. Kathleen was able to keep me focused.” – Roberta

“Kathleen is very balanced. Her recommendations were never intended as punishment for the other side, but I always felt like she went to bat for me. She has an open mind and was willing to respect my opinion. It felt good to know that she was on my side.  I had a good sense of confidence in Kathleen. If I had something blow up over the weekend, she got back to me. At the end of the day that's what made the difference for me. She helped me make lemonade out of lemons and was there and present …”    – Robin H. 

Service Area Subspecialties

  • Divorce & Family Law
    • Divorce (including cases with high net worth, closely owned businesses and complex custody matters)
    • Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Custody & Parenting Time

Why Hire Kathy

Smart. Sophisticated. Strategic.

There is no shortage of law firms focusing on family law in the Twin Cities area. Lawyers who handle complex issues, however, are fewer and further between. Complicated situations call for smart, sophisticated and strategic solutions for preserving wealth, maintaining the marital standard of living and protecting an individual emotionally and financially. Kathy has ‘been there and done that’ on behalf of thousands of clients, making her a respected authority that stands out from the rest in the world of family law.

Competent. Caring. Comprehensive.

Beyond her ability to resolve complex issues on behalf of her clients, Kathy Newman concerns herself with all aspects of a client’s well-being. First and foremost, she focuses on the unique needs of children who are involved in and impacted by divorce. When considering a family case where children are involved, the firm sets itself apart through strong advocacy of custody, support, and parenting agreements that meet long-term needs. We offer guidance and are mindful of the emotional, mental, and physical health of parents and children.

Expert. Experienced. Equipped.

After more than 30 years of practicing in the field of Family Law, Kathy knows what it takes to prevail on behalf of her clients. She is often contacted by other lawyers who refer their clients to her for family law matters, knowing there is no one better equipped than she to handle their clients’ complex divorce issues. She knows what’s most important to her clients: clear communication, teamwork, and support for every client. Kathy and her colleagues often encourage families to see counselors and other experts during this difficult time.