DeWitt’s Intellectual Property Practice Group Recommended by IAM Patent 1000 and Managing Intellectual Property Magazine

Jun 18, 2020 | Michelle M. Friedman

MADISON/MILWAUKEE/MINNEAPOLIS – DeWitt LLP announced its inclusion in the world’s leading resource to Patent Professionals, the 2020 IAM Patent 1000 guide.  The guide recommends the Intellectual Property (IP) practice of the firm and its attorneys Eric Chadwick, Joseph Leone, Joseph Miotke, Charles Sara, and Christopher Scherer as top patent practitioners.    In addition to IAM’s recognition, Miotke, Sara and Scherer were recently designated as 2020 “IP Stars” by Managing Intellectual Property Magazine, the definitive guide to leading IP firms and lawyers.

IAM is known as the definitive ‘go-to’ resource for those seeking to identify world-class, private practice patent expertise and leading expert witnesses in the US.  It recognized DeWitt in its listing, describing the firm as turning matters around quickly and efficiently while deploying a high-level of strategic insight.  IAM further described DeWitt as “… Madison’s top commercial firm, DeWitt takes intellectual property seriously and has invested in a sophisticated patent practice with depth in life sciences, medical devices, the chemical arts and, increasingly, software. On behalf of an incredibly diverse group of clients – including non-profits, universities, multinational corporations and individuals…” 

IAM on Joseph Leone, Joseph Miotke, Charles Sara and Christopher Scherer (Wisconsin):  

“Joseph Leone, Chris Scherer, Charles Sara and Joseph Miotke turn matters around quickly and efficiently, and deploy high-level strategic insight to superb effect. With Leone and Scherer newly minted as co-chairs of the practice, the firm has built up a lot of momentum. Leone is as versatile as they come, being schooled in prosecution and litigation in all areas of intellectual property. Drawing on his chemistry background, he tackles technically complex matters with relish for discerning clients such as the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). Judging by the extensive and vocal praise directed his way, electrical engineer Scherer is doing extraordinary things right now. “Flexible, responsive, technically adept and competitively priced, Chris is simply awesome and one of the best-rounded US patent practitioners. He gives extremely well-thought-out advice, but is unfailingly practical and to the point at the same time. He has built up a first-class team at DeWitt, which shows in the quality of the overall service.” Sara has his finger on the pulse of developments in the biotechnology space, in which he litigates and closes deals. As an attorney, Miotke is “brilliant at aligning patent approaches with business needs to ensure you protect what matters most while spending resources wisely”. More broadly, he is gifted at opening innovation and entrepreneurship pathways for those with limited access; the effort he puts into developing talent from underprivileged backgrounds is truly laudable.”

IAM on Eric Chadwick (Minnesota): 

“DeWitt upped its trial capabilities by hiring Eric Chadwick in September 2019; the former Patterson Thuente IP partner is a practiced IP and commercial litigator.”