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Taxation issues are too complex and far-reaching not to have the best representation possible. Our lawyers have the experience and background necessary to help our clients develop and defend successful tax strategies.

Whether it is a federal, state, income, sales or use, excise, ad valorem, estate, or gift tax issue, we have the skills you need. Some of the tax advice services we provide to our clients include:

  • Tax litigation and advocacy in state and federal forums. This includes representation arising from examinations, audits, trials, appeals, and related claims and defenses in connection with individuals and companies
  • Tax and business planning for closely held corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, including asset and entity acquisitions, dispositions, and taxable and tax-deferred transactions
  • Corporate taxation, including corporate formations, distributions, and reorganization, as well as shareholder agreements
  • Flow-through and disregarded entities, including partnership and limited liability company and S-corporation formations, allocations, distributions, and dissolution
  • State and local taxes, including sales and use tax, real estate transfer fees, and excise taxes
  • Tax controversies arising from or pertaining to bankruptcy, marriage, divorce, decedents’ estates, trusts, probate, embezzlement, and foreign accounts
  • Matters pertaining to collection activity, including offers in compromise, installment agreements, liens, levies, warrants, and other methods of seizure
  • Real estate development and investment tax issues
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Individual taxation, including federal and state income taxes, and estate and gift taxes
  • Compensation-related tax matters, including deferred-compensation and retirement plans, and equity-based compensation

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