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Lexwork International Law Firm | DeWitt LLP

In today’s sophisticated marketplace clients recognize that midsized law firms offer a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to large, international law firms by offering a high level of personal service with a lower level of unnecessary overhead that is often associated with mega firms.

And, while many clients recognize the advantages of working with a midsized law firm, some of those clients still have the need for legal services across the country and around the globe. It is important your law firm is connected to a trustworthy referral network of firms throughout the United States and abroad. At DeWitt, we are part of a trusted network of firms that assist us in better serving our clients’ needs when issues arise outside of our typical jurisdictions.

We are an active and proud member of Lexwork International, which is an association of midsized independent law firms in major cities located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Currently there are more than 40 member firms worldwide. Lexwork International includes more than 2500 lawyers in 36 countries with offices in more than 110 cities.

Our participation in Lexwork allows us to provide all the normal services required by our clients within our own jurisdictions. And, when effective legal support is needed across state lines or internationally, we rely upon a trusted network of firms to efficiently handle matters which may arise that are outside of the traditional jurisdiction of our firm.

At a time when legal services are becoming more expensive and less personal, the members of Lexwork International remain committed to providing clients with high-quality, attorney-led service at reasonable prices. It is a commitment which embodies how we operate.