Green Card Holders from Norway May Be Eligible to Become U.S. Citizens Without Losing their Norwegian Citizenship

Aug 14, 2020 | Raluca Vais-Ottosen

Published 8.14.2020

The concept of dual (or multiple) citizenship allows an individual to be a citizen of two (or more) different countries at the same time, without having to give up one in favor of the other.  To be a dual citizen, both countries must allow it. Each country has its own rules on the subject.  Some countries allow its citizens to naturalize in other countries without having to give up their native citizenship.  Other countries automatically deem their citizenship to be abandoned and relinquished when their nationals take on another citizenship. 

Until earlier this year, Norway was in the second category, as it did not allow its citizens to apply for and obtain citizenship in another country without abandoning their Norwegian citizenship.  However, in January 2020, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration announced that Norwegian citizens would no longer lose their Norwegian citizenship upon naturalizing in another country, if the second country allows dual citizenship too.

U.S. law does not prohibit dual citizenship, so now that the Norwegian government announced that it will recognize dual citizenship as well, Norwegian citizens who are living in the U.S. as permanent residents may wish to explore their eligibility to become U.S. citizens.

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