ESOPs Enjoy Bipartisan Support - Candidates Should Take Note

Jul 12, 2019 | Timothy L. Stewart
John Case recently published an article in the New Republic arguing for someone to pick up the “ESOP ball” and run with it.  Case proposes that among the many Democratic presidential candidates, someone might be well-served to make him/herself the candidate for employee ownership.
Case lists the benefits which ESOPs provide to employees, including enhanced retirement plan savings, access to more than one retirement plan vehicle, and a stake in the ultimate wealth that a corporation creates.
In addition, his article refutes many of the “ESOP fables” commonly espoused, including outlier ESOP company failures like United Airlines, pointing out that ESOP companies actually fail at a much lower rate than non-ESOP companies.
Ultimately, Case notes that because ESOPs have always enjoyed bipartisan support, they are perhaps a less attractive rallying point for any candidate looking to take advantage of today’s hyper-partisan political world.