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The firm’s Government Relations team is one of the most respected lobbying groups in the State of Wisconsin with seasoned bipartisan Wisconsin lobbyists. Our team has expertise, experience, and a proven track record with officials in all branches of Wisconsin state government and both major parties. We have strong bipartisan relationships with legislators, legislative staff, and key agency staff members. Our knowledge of the legislative and regulatory processes and a lengthy list of winning advocacy campaigns with unique strategies that fit each situation is well respected by our clients and peers.

We also have extensive experience in the state procurement and contracting processes, the state building program, administrative rulemaking, environmental and business regulations, health care reform, financial association management, grassroots advocacy, and public relations. It is our goal to help clients influence policy decisions through the evaluation and development of legislation using the right messages and providing collaborative stakeholder participation when needed. Our team is very involved in state budget issues every two years, and we continually serve clients through the administrative rules process. We also stand ready to help clients navigate the rules and procedures necessary to do business with state governments.

The successful management of issues and our comprehensive approach to specific challenges faced by our clients is unique and developed on a case-by-case basis. Winning often depends on a precise combination of ethics, constituency involvement and political and media action. Equally important are the merits of the arguments in favor of our client’s position and persistence in the presentation of the client’s case to policymakers. By assembling our resources and combining forces with our clients, we constantly strive to achieve favorable outcomes on behalf of our clients.

Many of our government relations clients have worked with us for decades. They selected our team because we produce successful results in a cost-effective manner. A client can have it all—unequaled relationships, great depth of representation and unrivaled public policy knowledge.

If you have a problem with a Wisconsin law, an administrative rule or a decision by a state agency that is averse to you, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the issue with you and seek to implement a cost-effective, practical solution to your problem.

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